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SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series and media franchise. It is currently Nickelodeon's highest rated show, the most distributed property of MTV Networks, and among Nicktoons Network's most-watched shows.[1]. It was created by artist, animator and former marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg, and is produced through United Plankton Pictures Inc.
SpongeBob SquarePants (voiced by Tom Kenny); the title character of the series. SpongeBob is a hyperactive, energetic, and optimistic sea sponge (although his appearance more closely resembles a kitchen sponge) who lives in a pineapple under the sea. He has a pet snail named Gary, who meows like a cat. SpongeBob works as a successful fry cook at The Krusty Krab fast-food restaurant.
Patrick Star (voiced by
Bill Fagerbakke); SpongeBob's neighbor and best friend. Patrick is a pink starfish who lives under a rock. He is commonly portrayed as having low intelligence and is largely unemployed throughout the series.
Squidward Tentacles (voiced by
Rodger Bumpass); SpongeBob and Patrick's other neighbor. Squidward is an arrogant and egotistical octopus who lives in a moai and dislikes his neighbors (especially SpongeBob) for their child-like behavior. He enjoys playing the clarinet, but his skills with it are rather mediocre. Squidward works as a cashier at The Krusty Krab.
Sandy Cheeks (voiced by
Carolyn Lawrence); another close friend of SpongeBob. Sandy is a land squirrel from Texas. She lives in an underwater dome in Bikini Bottom. She was sent there to do scientific research for her chimpanzee bosses. Sandy is an expert at karate. When not inside her tree-dome, she wears an astronaut-like suit that enables her to interact with ocean-dwelling creatures, while providing a supply of oxygen.
Mr. Eugene Krabs (voiced by
Clancy Brown); the founder and owner of The Krusty Krab restaurant. Mr. Krabs is an extremely cheap, greedy crab and an ex-Navy officer. He is constantly seeking new ways to earn more money no matter how low he sinks to, but at the same time is too cheap to spend barely a dime, which often iratates his teenage daughter, a whale named Pearl. Despite his eccentric habits, he is held in high regard by SpongeBob, and in turn acts as a father-figure of sorts toward his prized fry cook.
Sheldon Plankton (voiced by
Mr. Lawrence); Mr. Krabs's arch enemy who owns a low-rank fast-food restaurant called The Chum Bucket across the street from The Krusty Krab. Plankton is a small, green, one-eyed copepod, whose size is often the cause of his constant failures. He spends most of his time plotting to steal the recipe for Mr. Krabs's popular Krabby Patty burgers. Only in the movie does he succeed; the formula is never actually revealed to the audience. Plankton's computer wife, Karen, alternately helps him in his schemes or bickers with him.

Walt Disney designed the character while riding on a train back to Los Angeles with his wife Lillian. After completing his sketch, Walt showed it to Lillian and said his name was Mortimer Mouse. Lillian did not like the name and suggested Mickey Mouse. And so was the birth of Mickey Mouse.
Mickey's first film was Plane Crazy. After the loss of Oswald the Rabbit, Walt and Lillian Disney and Ub Iwerks, worked in secret on the film in a garage behind Walt's home on Lyric Avenue.
Plane Crazy had a sneak preview at a Hollywood movie house in May, 1928. The movie was pleasantly received. However, the big movie houses were not interested in Mickey Mouse.
Walt and Ub made a second Mickey Mouse film called Gallopin' Gaucho.
The first two Mickey Mouse films that Walt made cost the studio $2,500 each.
Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928, at the Colony Theater in New York.
Steamboat Willie was Disney's first film with sound.
The original voice of Mickey Mouse was Walt Disney.
Mickey's first words were spoken in 1929 inThe Karnival Kid.
The first merchandise to feature Mickey Mouse was a child's school tablet in 1929.
Mickey is a hit.....
The first Mickey Mouse Club was formed in 1929, at the Fox Dome Theater in Ocean Park, CA. Soon, others were formed in movie houses around the country.
The first Mickey Mouse comic strip was published on January 13, 1930. They were drawn by Ub Iwerks at first. Then Win Smith, Ub Iwerks' assistant, drew them for 3 months. He was succeeded by Floyd Gottfredson who drew the comic strip for 45 years.

The Barbie doll was invented in 1959 by Ruth Handler (co-founder of Mattel), whose own daughter was called Barbara. Barbie was introduced to the world at the American Toy Fair in New York City. The doll was intended to be a teenage fashion doll. There has been some controversy over Barbie's figure when it realized that if Barbie was a real person her measurements would be an impossible 36-18-38. The Ken doll was named after Ruth's son. Barbie first had bendable legs in 1965.

Cardcaptor Sakura (カードキャプターさくら, Kādokyaputā Sakura?), abbreviated as CCS and also known as Cardcaptors, is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Clamp. It was originally serialized in Nakayoshi from 1996 until 2000, and published in twelve tankōbon volumes by Kodansha. The series focuses on Sakura Kinomoto, who learns she has magical powers after she accidentally frees a set of magical cards from a book and must recollect them to avoid an unknown catastrophe from befalling the world. Along the way, she befriends Syaoran Li, a descendant of the maker of the cards, who initially is her rival for the cards and in love.
The series was adapted into a 70 episode
anime television series by Madhouse that debuted on NHK on April 8, 1998; the final episode aired March 21, 2000. Two anime films were also produced by Madhouse, the first, set between the first and second seasons of the series, was released on August 21, 1999. The second, providing a conclusion for the anime series, was released July 15, 2000. Ten video games have been created for the Cardcaptor Sakura series for a variety of game platforms

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Batman became a popular character soon after his introduction and gained his own comic book title, Batman, in 1940. As the decades wore on, differing interpretations of the character emerged. The late 1960s Batman television series used a camp aesthetic which continued to be associated with the character for years after the show ended. Various creators worked to return the character to his dark roots, culminating in the 1986 miniseries Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, by writer-artist Frank Miller, while the success of film director Tim Burton's 1989 film Batman helped to reignite popular interest in the character. A cultural icon, Batman has been licensed and adapted into a variety of media, from radio to television and film, and appears on a variety of merchandise sold all over the world.

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A little butterfly love ROSE….
colors & meanings

Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a time-honored way to say "I love you." The red rose has long symbolized beauty and perfection. A bouquet of red roses is the perfect way to express your deep feelings for someone special

As a symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often given as an expression of admiration. Pink roses can also convey appreciation as well as joyfulness. Pink rose bouquets often impart a gentler meaning than their red counterparts.

The bright, sunny color of yellow roses evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. The warm feelings associated with the yellow rose are often akin to those shared with a true friend. As such, the yellow rose is an ideal symbol for joy and friendship.

White roses represent innocence and purity and are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings. The white rose is also a symbol of honor and reverence, and white rose arrangements are often used as an expression of remembrance

With their blazing energy, orange roses are the embodiment of desire and enthusiasm. Orange roses often symbolize passion and excitement and are an expression of fervent romance. A bouquet of orange roses will send a meaningful message

The unique beauty of the lavender rose has captured many hearts and imaginations. With their fantastical appearance, lavender roses are a perfect symbol of enchantment. The lavender rose is also traditionally used to express feelings of love at first sight

that something has gone well, a deal has been reached.

a symbol of fertility and fruitfulness

someone is mysterious

Meaning of number of roses :

- 1 Rose
Love at the first sight; you are the one
- 2 Roses
Mutual love between both, deeply in love with one another
- 3 Roses
I love you
- 6 Roses
I wanna be yours
- 7 Roses
I'm infatuated with you
- 9 Roses
An Eternal love, together as long as we live
- 10 Roses
You are perfect
- 11 Roses
You are my treasured one; the one I love most in my life
- 12 Roses
Be my steady
- 13 Roses
Secret Admirer
- 15 Roses
I am truly sorry, please forgive me
- 20 Roses
Believe me, I am sincere towards you
- 21 Roses
I am devoted to you
- 24 Roses
Can't stop thinking about you, 24 hours everyday
- 33 Roses
Saying "I love you" with great affection
- 36 Roses
I will remember our romantic moments
- 40 Roses
My love for you is genuine
- 50 Roses
Regretless love, this is
- 99 Roses
I will love you for as long as I live
- 100 Roses
Harmoniously together in a century; remaining devoted as couple till ripe-old age
- 101 Roses
You are my one and only love
- 108 Roses
Please marry me!
- 365 Roses
Can't stop thinking about you, each and everyday
- 999 Roses
Everlasting and Eternal love